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The most commonly asked questions about our Pulpit to Publish Service.

Please click on any of below questions to view answer. These are our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question about Equip Press or our services, please feel free to send us an email at hello@authorscrib.com

What is Pulpit To Publish?

Pulpit To Publish is an arm of Authors Crib that has the mandate to help Pastors and Ministers of God to reach more people with their messages and teachings.

Our mission is to share God’s love and empower the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ, Outreach provides cost-effective, proven methods and resources in form of published books.

What is print on demand publishing?

Print on demand (POD) is a printing process where books are not printed until an order has been placed. This allows books to be printed singly, in small quantities, or whatever the demand requires.

Createspace,Lulu and IngramSpark are two companies that provide print on demand publishing.

If you would like Authors Crib to format your book for upload to either of these companies,

How Long Does It Takes To Get My Book Published?

The time it takes to get your book published depends on the materials you have already the work needed to turn them into manuscript but typically, it takes within 60 to 120 days to get your book ready to print. In some cases we can even do it in less. If you manuscript needs intensive editing, or if the author makes numerous revisions it may take longer.

Who Owns The Rights To My Published Books and How Do I Get Paid For My Book Sales?

Yes! You retain 100% ownership in your book. You may even take your book to another publisher if you so desire. The book manuscript will always remain your work and the original work will always remain in your name and ownership.

We also don’t share book royalties with you. Your royalties share depends on the platforms your book is been published on. For most platforms like Kindle Store, you can get up to 70% share of your book sales price as royalties and for other platforms, the royalties information is a public information and you can get details of that on the back-end of all the publishing platforms your book will be published on.

Are There Any Other Prices Associated With Your Publishing Services?

If your manuscript follows our publishing guidelines, there are no other fees required. If you request changes to your text or cover while your book is in (or after) the production process, extra fees will be incurred. If you want us to include illustrations, graphics, charts, graphs, or other images inside your book, there is a $15 fee per image. From time to time we offer upgrades or expanded marketing opportunities, but you are under no obligation to participate.

Where Will Your Book Be Published?

Your book will be published by us on these publishing platforms.

  1. Createspace – Print book
  2. Kindle Store – Kindle ebook
  3. Barnes and Noble – eBook
  4. Kobo – eBook
  5. Apple iBook Store – eBook
  6. Scribd
  7. Other online publishing platforms
Can You Publish My Biography For Me Too?

As long as your biography have a message in it that can help people or you have a spirit inspired message to pass across to people with your life stories, we can help you publish your biography.

What Quality Can I Expect My Published Book To Be

Our covers are designed by professional graphic artists who are familiar with the contemporary book publishing industry. Our book covers are printed on a high-quality, laminated stock. Our books are virtually indistinguishable from books printed by traditional publishers.

Can I Order Copies of My Published Book

Sure, you can order for a copy of your published book at will but that comes at a cost that can be communicated to you after making your request to order your printed book.

Frequently Asked Questions about ISBNs

Q: How many ISBN numbers do I need?
A: The ISBN is based on the format of book or ebook. You need one for your .epub ebook, one for you .mobi ebook and one for your print book. i.e. You need one ISBN for Smashwords, another one for Amazon and another one for Createspace.

Q: Do I need an ISBN to publish?
A: You need an ISBN to print your print book

Q: Is it required that the ISBN be in my ebook?
A: No, this is optional. The ISBN is attached digitally to your ebook’s metadata and is not required in your ebook.

Q: Does Authors Crib provide ISBNs?
A: We handle the process of getting an ISBN for you

Will I be able to order personal copies at a discounted price?

Yes, of course. In fact, you can buy copies at the print cost. CreateSpace not only prints books for approximately $3 a copy when they’re ordered through Amazon, but they’ll sell the author these books at the same cost. At any time after the book is published, you can order copies in any quantities you’d like at this discounted price, direct from the printer (we don’t make money on copies). They usually take about 10 days to print and fulfill. [Note: When books are ordered through Amazon, they cover the shipping cost. However, if you’re ordering your own books, you’re responsible for shipping.]

Who is will be the publisher?

In normal situations, the publisher of your book is Authors Crib Publishing. Pulpit To  Publish is a wholly owned subsidiary of Authors Crib. Authors Crib is a major self publishing company that helps authors publish their book using the self publishing model that gives more control and rights to authors than what traditional publishing houses offers.

That being said, you don’t have to use Authors Crib Publishing as your publisher. Because of the way our structure works, we can essentially create a new publishing company for you with any name you like. It’s completely up to you who the named publisher of the book is.

Who designs the book covers? Do I get to give feedback on that?

Our book cover and manuscript interior layout will be designed by one of the experienced  book cover and interior designers. This is not hyperbole.

You are getting the very best in design, because having a great book cover is a key to establishing your book as credible and professional.

Before we start the design process, we’ll have a long conversation with you to understand your vision for the cover (if you have any). We organize this information into a design brief your designer uses to create a series of initial cover designs, which you will review and give feedback on. Just like all parts of our process, you will have full, 100% approval of your cover.

What if I don't like my book after the manuscript is ready?

It’s fairly common for authors to be a little unhappy with their first draft, because it is common in all writing.

More than 90% of our Authors are happy with their first round of revisions. But what if—after all the edits and changes—you don’t like your book? Since we don’t create or provide the content (which comes from your existing sermon), we can’t 100% guarantee your happiness. But, we will do everything we can on our end to ensure that you get the book you want. If that means assigning multiple editors to work on it, we’ll do it. If it means multiple editing passes, then we’ll do that. Our goal is to get the best book possible out of you. Anything reasonable we can do to achieve that, we will do.

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