…and help you edit, prepare, publish and launch it.

You’ve Got A Mandate and A Message To Preach To The World. You Need Wider Reach For Your Messages, Thoughts and Teaching

At Pulpit To Publish, we understand publishing a book can help Pastors and Ministers of The Gospel to reach more audience with their messages and teachings than it’s possible with sermons on the pulpit. 

If you are either a spirit inspired message, thoughts or teachings and you need the reach and audience of people you are sent to in their large numbers, with our  Pulpit To Publish Service, you have found a help mate to help you organize your already prepared or preached sermons into a book manuscript, publish and promote your own professionally written and published book in no time without any stress or too much time commitment on your part.

At Pulpit To Publish, you come with your messages and teaching that you already have and we take care of the rest and we will deliver to you your own published book with all your own ideas and expertise – your book in your own words, done by us with our own time and expertise.

Here Is Our Pulpit To Publish Process Work?



Before anything else,  we will get on the call or email with you to discuss the foundation of your book project – what’s the purpose for writing your book, what  your book will be all about, who’s your target reader and how will your book help the reader and your ministry.



After our call with you, we will gather all the information together to create a professional book outline for your book based on what you want your book to be about and the materials you have already – sermons in audio or video formats.

This outline will lay the foundation for your book.


This involves sessions during which we will take your existing sermons or contents and organize them  based on the book outline we created from our first call session with you. We’ll interrogate you from the reader’s point of view to ensure that the best information gets get retained and not lost.

We will get all the knowledge and wisdom out of your head and onto spoken words to make sure your book’s content is a reflection of your exact ideas and expertise.



After the first three phases, all the audio  or video recordings of your existing contents are sent to our transcriber. The transcriber would then convert the audio or video into text format and then we will then have the first rough draft of your book.

We will then work on the rough draft by removing the fluff and re-writing portions of it while retaining your core message and voice. And then, we will have  book manuscript ready for editing.



We’ve got your book’s manuscript ready, it’s now time to send it to our editors for editing and proofreading to make sure all we get published is error free.

The final edited book will now be sent for formatting and we then work with our book designer to design the right professional book cover for your book. And then your book will be published and distributed on all major online book store.


After publication, we will start marketing campaigns that are tailored for your book to ensure your book is seen by the right audience and helps achieve your established goals.

We will work on your here to make sure your newly published book is reached by your target book readers and audience.

Got Some Questions About Our Pulpit To Publish Book Process?

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Custom book covers created by a professional, experienced designers.

Professionally managed, global distribution of your book to major online publishing platforms across many countries.

We manage ISBN assignment, bibliographic and metadata, title usage, list price, and worldwide territory management.

We’re timely, knowledgeable and friendly. You will surely enjoy your time working with us.

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These Are What Our Author Saying About Us

You did an AMAZING JOB! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Very fast, very helpful, and very thorough.

This would have been a very difficult process, but you did this great work for me and helped me focus on getting my book published.

Joseph Snider

Author of the book "Love Me Right or Not At All"

Communication has been great. The work has been fabulous, too. I will refer Authors Crib to colleagues and will use Authors Crib again.

MJ Callaway

Author of the "Sales Success Roadmap"

Thank you for providing excellent service. Much appreciated! Would be happy to do business with you again.

Cheryl Hunter

Author of the book "How To Get Unstuck"

I will never use anyone else! Went above and beyond my requests. Great customer service. Prompt delivery!

Leah Gray

Author of the "The Lingo of Love"